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GTB003 9.1 MO Media Sticking September 04



Question: I am experiencing problems writing disks using Easy CD Creator. Are there any known problems?
Answer: Unfortunately there seem to be write and finalizing problems with the ADAPTEC software package "Easy CD Creator" on some installations. The software, which was temporarily bundled with the PLAMON CDR480 was thoroughly tested and caused no problems on installations in our engineering laboratories. We suspect that on the few problematic customer installations, conflicts with existing software or hardware drivers are to blame. A radical solution that has so far been successful is the removal of all non-essential hardware components (network card, sound card etc) and the re-installation of the operating system. A new installation of Easy CD Creator should then work fine. After this, all previously removed HW components and removed software may be re-installed one by one. If the problem re-occcurs after one of the HW components or software is re-installed, the cause of the problem may be the settings of that particular component.

However, before using this radical solution, remove and reinstall your SCSI Host Adapter and drivers. The new installation should overwrite the SCSI drivers used by Easy CD Creator and may fix the problem.

Question: Do I need a software reader driver to use the CDR480 as a CD-ROM?
Answer: The CDR480 reports as a Type 5 SCSI device. Under Windows 95 and Windows NT4 it requires no extra reader driver. On Windows for Workgroups, the supplied ASPI drivers will support the drive. However, on a Macintosh a reader driver is required.

Question:How does the CDR480 show on my SCSI bus?
Answer: The SCSI answer back of the drive is Matshita CW7502.

Question:What if a firmware upgrade becomes available?
Answer: Unlike many other drive's, the CDR480 firmware is flash upgradable, initially shipping on v1.0. Updates will be available on the Plasmon BBS and website, and can easily performed on your home PC. After an upgrade has been performed Windows 95 will see the CDR as a new device. If you had Auto Insert Notification set to off, this will need to be re-disabled.

Question:How big is the drives buffer?
Answer: The drive has a 1mb internal buffer (this is non upgradable).

Question: What performance will my CDR480 give me?
Answer: Continuous sustained read speed is 8x (1.2MB/sec), Maximum write speed is 4x (600k/sec).

Question:Which modes can I record at?
Answer: CDR480 is capable of all popular modes of CD recording: Mode 1 / Mode 2 (Yellow Book), CD-ROM XA (Yellow Book Extensions), Audio (Red Book), CD-I (Green Book), and is UDF compliant.

Question:Which software will work on my CDR480?
Answer: CDR480 has been successfully tested using Easy CD Creator from Adaptec, Easy-CD Pro 95 from Adaptec, Gear v4.2 from Elektroson, and Gear Replicator from Elektroson. From the end of August, Smart Storage will also support the drive with their mastering Software - SmartCD for CDR480. Plasmon Technical Support will provide support for SmartCD for CDR480.

Question:Will the CDR480 write to UDF (Universal Disc Format)?
Answer: CDR480 is capable of Incremental Packet Writing / UDF with DirectCD from Adaptec. For details of obtaining DirectCD for CDR480, End Users must contact Adaptec. From the end of August, Smart Storage will also support the drive with their packet writing software FloppyCD. Plasmon Technical Support will provide support for FloppyCD.

Question:Does the CDR480 suffer from the limitation of 99 calibrations per CD like other CDR's?
Answer: No! The drive tracks media usage by recording the serial number, temperature and write speed used so it can determine if a calibration is necessary.

Question:Which SCSI card should I use?
Answer: The CDR480 has been successfully tested on Adaptec AHA2940U (firmware level 1.21), AHA2940W (firmware level 1.23S4), AHA2940UW (firmware level 1.25), AHA2910, AHA1542CF, AHA1542CP and AHA1535 SCSI adapter cards - using default settings. The CDR480 should work on other adapter cards e.g Symbios, Tekram etc. However, Plasmon currently only formally supports Adaptec cards and has not tested the drive on any other card.

Question:The CDR480 has Media Vendor Recognition. What is this?
Answer: This means it recognises certain brands of media and calibrates its laser to perform the 'best write possible' to a pre determined write strategy. Media the CDR480 recognises is : Plasmon Data, Taiyo Yuden, Kodak and TDK.

Question:What is the best media to use on my CDR480 ?
Answer: The drive will write on ANY CDR media. If the media is not vendor recognised it is calibrated to the Taiyo Yuden strategy. However, there is less chance of creating 'coasters' if you use a media type that is Vendor Recognised. Therefore we would recommend the use of Plasmon media.

Question:Will the CDR480 use Compact Disc ReWritable (CDRW) discs?
Answer: The CDR480 cannot read or write to CDRW discs.