Gx Library FAQ's, Customer Bulletins, PCN's

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UDO Media Capacity Download August 06
UDO Drive Cleaning Download

UCB003 / April 04

UDO Drive Cleaning Flow Chart Download UCB003 / April 04
Customer Bulletins     Date
UDO lens cleaning cartridge Download UDOCB004B / July 06
Service for G-Series (including Gx libraries) for OS/400 Download GCB004 A / April 06
On certain iSeries server configurations utilizing OS/400 Plasmon 24 to 80 slot G-Series for OS/400 may become unresponsive after a full system IPL. Download GCB003A / December 05
Password Protected Services Download Type Version / Date


RoHS Gx Diagnostic Sensors Serial Number 20,000 and Above Download July 06
Library Configuration Tag

Configuration Tag Change Table Download February 06
Technical Bulletins

UDO lens cleaning cartridge Download UDOTB004B / July 06
UDO Warped Media Download GXTB014 / February 06
MTE Interface Cold Soldier Joint Download GXTB013 / November 05
New Gx Internal SCSI Cables Download GXTB012 / November 05
New MTE and Lift Body Assembly Download GXTB011 / November 05
Announcement of the Gx Configuration Label Download GXTB010 / November 05
Gx Mast Alignment Download GXTB009 / October 05
Gx Column Filler Download GXTB008 / April 05
Gx Jumper Settings Download GXTB007 / April 05
Gx Display Circuit Board Download GXTB006 / May 05
Gx Lift with MTE Assembly Download GXTB005 / November 04
Gx MTE Cable Clip Download GXTB004C / June 04
Gx MTE Counter Weight Download GXTB003 / August 04
Gx Lift Cable Retainer Download GXTB001B / August 04
Gx MTE Cable Tape Download GXTB00C / August 04
* ASP = Plasmon Authorized Service Provider