Enteprise G-Series FAQ's, Customer Bulletins, PCN's

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UDO Media Capacity Download August 06
UDO Drive Cleaning Download

UCB003 / April 04

UDO Drive Cleaning Flow Chart Download UCB003 / April 04
Product Change Notices (PCN)      
G std G mode Download GPCN003
Technical Bulletins      
9.1 MO Media Sticking Download GTB003 / September 04
Customer Bulletins


UDO lens cleaning cartridge Download UDOCB004B / July 06
Service for G-Series (including
Gx libraries) for OS/400
Download GCB004 A / April 06
Library Modes with firmware version 4.30 and above Download GCB002 / February 05
SCSI Isolation Board: Incorrect chip on the SCSI isolation circuit board Download GCB001 / May 04
Password Protected Services Download Type Version / Date

RoHS G-Series Diagnostic Sensors Serial Number 20,000 and Above Download July 06
Enterprise G UDO Drive Cleaning using Maintenance Mode Download April 06
LED Drive Control Download February 06
SCSI Bus Description Download February 06
Replacing a MO Drive Module with a UDO drive module in a UDO Ready Library : Kit Instruction Download July 04
Media Transport Element (MTE): Unpacking Instruction Download September 04
Main controller switches Download October 01
How to switch firmware banks


January 03
UDO & Drive Upgrade Download October 04
Product Change Notices (PCN)      
G new scanner Download GPCN002 / February 05
G new UDO Parts Download GPCN001 / February 05
Field Change Orders (FCO)      
SCSI ISO Download GFCO001
Technical Bulletins      
04-80-99 or 04-80-83 Error Code Download GTB007 / November 07
New Basic Performance Test Media and UDOUtil for UDO30 Download (*ASP Only) UTB004A / October 07
G-Series Power Supply Adjustment Download GTB006 / April 07
G-Series MTE Clarification UDO Ready vs Non-UDO Ready Download GTB005 / March 05
G UDO Bezel Tech Bulletin Download GTB004 / February 05
9.1 MO Media Sticking Download GTB003 / September 04
Unaccessable Media Slots Download GTB002 / May 03
Optimized drive configuration settings for data integrity. Download GTB001 / October 01
* ASP = Plasmon Authorized Service Provider