Archive Appliance
The Archive Appliance software, at release level 4.12.xx or higher, requires a valid license key. If upgrading to 4.12.xx or higher, you will be required to enter a valid license key or your Archive Appliance will eventually cease to function. Please refer to the product documentation for more details.

Document 4.08.xx 4.20.xx 5.00.xx

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Release Notes Download Download Download
Document (apply to all) Download Type Version / Date

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User Manual (hardware)  
      AA16 - AA174 Download 01 / July 13
      AA80 - AA174 A12 Download 01 / July 13
      AA238 - AA638 A8 Download A / April 05
      AA238 - AA638 A12 Download 01 / July 13
Environmental Statements
      AA16 - 174 CE Declaration Download  
      AA32 - 174 RoHS Download  
      AA80e - 174e RoHS Download  
      AA238 - 638 CE Declaration Download  
      AA238 - 638 RoHS Download  
      WEEE Statement Download  
Password Protected Services Download Type Version / Date

Service Manual      
      AA16- AA638 Download A / Jun 14
Upgrades and Firmware  
      Software Upgrades (*see note below) Download ftp 5.0 / Jun 14
      G Enterprise AA (rev 6.40) Download Oct 11
      G24- G80 AA (G05E) Download April 08
      G134 - G174 AA (H06E) Download April 08
      UDO1 30GB AA (U06c) Download Feb 13
      UDO2 60GB AA (W06d) Download Feb 13
      putty.exe help Install .exe October 05
      pscp.exe Install .exe October 05
* ASP = Plasmon Authorized Service Provider